Brief history of CHIRANA establishment

M.O.C. Group as a holding company stands at the beginning of huge restructuring plan of operations in 2001. In 2001 the former Chirana medical devices operations was acquired by M.O.C. company - the company founded by the management to manage the restructuring activities and raising the necessary financial funds.

After acquiring the operations related to medical devices, M.O.C. divided them up into independent companies, each focusing on a specific area of production. There is no doubt that M.O.C. Group has become the biggest medical devices producer in Slovakia.

The M.O.C. company is a parent company of the M.O.C. Group. From majority holding point of view it is an employee company what confirms that all responsible persons in company have maximum motivation for prosperity and effectiveness of whole Group.

The companies associated in the CHIRANA Holding, which cooperate very closely with one another, are currently:

COMPANY CORE ACTIVITIES CHIRANA equity in % Amount of basic capital in € 2015


parent proprietorial company, 

development, production and sale of anaesthesia units, breathing units, patient monitoring systems for intensive care


1 000 000,- €

CHIRANA Medical, a.s.

development, production and sale of dental units, chairs, dental instruments and handpieces


664 000,- €

The Chirana company is dominant owner of real property in industrial zone Chirana Stará Turá (area more than 60.000 m2) as well. These rooms and land are let to daughters companies and to other external producers and companies based in Stara Tura.