80 year's anniversary of engineering production - European company with a long tradition and European quality


This year is for our company and all of its customers and friends really very special. It has been exactly 80 years since František Michera built in Stara Tura small factory for the production of water meters and gas meters. In 1935, as in Stara Tura began to build a tradition of mechanical engineering, precision mechanics and fine-mechanics, but also indirectly to write the story of our company. We think that this anniversary is worth of reflection and reminder even in today´s turbulent and hectic times when we sometimes forget to look back into the past and think about the values from which we come and to which we have a right to be proud of.

The production program was very quickly complemented and expanded by new products, and to the measurement products has been since 1947 complemented also the manufacture of injection technique and gradually in fifties and sixties of the last century also a range of medical & dental products.  It is a rarity that even after eighty years to preserve and continue to develop in Stara Tura manufacture the full range of former products, which gradually over decades successfully covered and marketed under brand Chirana Stara Tura worldwide, even though individual production commodity now carry out independent businesses and also under other brands.

Our company as the owner of the "family" of national and international trademarks „CHIRANA“ with their quality products and services provided, trying to continue in the further development and protection of the reputation of its traditional brand CHIRANA. Our product range of dental units under the name Chiradent, Ergostar, Premadent, Practice, SMILE and Chirana CHEESE are known all over the world, while to the year 2015 were throughout its history of Stara Tura produced more than 103 000 pieces of dental units. Equally well on track a development of products range of breathing and anaesthetic units, which under the names Anemat N5, N6, N7, N8, Chirolog, Venar and Chirana AURA were by 2015 for the full history of Stara Tura produced more than 76 000 pieces.

Year 2015 and 80th anniversary tradition of mechanical engineering in Stara Tura, our company would like to celebrate by investing in new technologies and this up to 1,5million Euros. Only investments in the latest technologies guarantee long-term perspective and competitiveness of our entire products range of dental units, chairs, dental instruments, anaesthetic devices and breathing units for intensive-care medicine.  


Milestones tradition of mechanical engineering and brand development CHIRANA in Stara Tura:

1935 – Czech industrialist Frantisek Michera laid the foundations of mechanical engineering in Stara Tura. Created a new factory focused to produce components for water meters and gas meters.

1947 – the factory in Stara Tura was delimited manufacture of injection technique from disposed factory Injecta Kraslice in the Czech border. Product range has gradually expanded to include sterilization, inhalation and investigative techniques, surgical instruments and other medical equipment products.

1958 – under the then name of Precise Mechanics – PREMA Stara Tura factory reached one of the first international successes at the World EXPO in Brussels (Grand Prix was awarded World Mews – Big bronchoscopic set).

1963 – merge all manufacturers of medical technology to the one production-economic unit. Factory in Stara Tura has become the leading national company with affiliated national factories Chirana Praha and Chirana Brno.

1965 – the manufacturers of medical technology have been integrated into a single entity which was named CHIRANA factories of medical technology, trade union Stara Tura.

1967 – in III. quarter of 1967 was in Stara Tura produced the first production series of dental units under the brand Chiradent.

1968 – dynamic development of respiratory and anaesthetic techniques.

1988 – expansion of the production plan of assortment of dental tools (initially been produced on the basis of licenses by KaVo), was later replaced by products from its own developmental workshops.

1991 – a transformation of company from a state company into a public limited company. Privatization and division of the company several separate business units.

2001 – establishment of employee-management company M.O.C. and formation of the group M.O.C. Stara Tura

2002 – M.O.C. becomes exclusive owner of the collection of international and national marks CHIRANATM

2012 – Group reached historically the most quality financial results from the value added point of view, efficiency and debt ratio


Tradition of brand – quality assurance