Turbine handpiece TGL 637AMH belongs to the group of turbines with light TGL 637. It is high performance turbine handpiece with celular or flexible light-guide, push button system of drill-bit fixation and three-jets cooling system. Turbine handpiece has built-in special top quality ceramic bearings with quick stop system. These special bearings guarantee quick stop of turbine rotor within 1 sec. The quick-stop function protects the turbine against suction effect from patient’s mouth as well. Body of handpiece is fully produced from stainless-steel to minimize the weight of this dental instrument. The hygiene of turbine is secured by sterilisation at 135°C. The turbine is connected to dental unit via universal quick coupling KaVo MULTIflex 465LRN with light or its equivalent.


Turbine handpiece TGL 637AMH belongs to the group of air-driven dental  handpieces designed for dental treatment, especially for redrilling of enamel, opening of cavity, abrasion of teeth under crown and using a special tool accordance with special operating procedure for cutting up crowns and bridges as well. Optimal operating speed is recommended from 150.000 to 250.000 rpm.


The advantages of this turbine are low weight, easy handling, high performance and high intensity of light to bring ideal conditions for any dental treatment. The most important advantage of this special handpiece is quick stop function of the turbine rotor within 1 sec., what is reflected in the highest standard of safety and hygiene. This immediate stop of rotor rotation eliminates the under-pressure in the head of turbine handpiece during its deceleration and stoppage, what is resulted in avoiding of suction of any microscopic and other impurities from the patient´s mouth into the space of turbine head. The "Quick Stop" function brings not only higher safety and hygiene standard for the patient, but on the other hand positively affects life-time of turbine as well. Index „M“ means that connection of turbine handpiece with hose is via KaVo quick-coupling MULTIflex what allows to expand the range of connectable instrumets up to 50.

Technical features:

  • Operating pressure: recommended from 0,21 to 0,23MPa, max. 0,30MPa

  • Speed: 300 000 rpm ±10%

  • Time to stop: within 1 sec.

  • Air consumption: 38 l/min ±2 l/min

  • Light intensity: prescribed by producer of quick-coupling

  • Light source: halogen bulb, built-in quick-coupling

  • Applicable drill-bits: diameter of shank 1,59-1,6mm, length max. 25mm, diameter of cutting-area max 2,1mm

  • Gripping power: min 35N

  • Sterilisation: AUTOCLAVE 135°C

  • Power: 18W

  • Operating noise: max. 60 dB(A)

  • Connection: quick coupling KaVo MULTIflex 465LRN or equivalent

  • Bearings: ceramic (made in Germany), Quick stop

  • Spray: 3-jets

  • Weight: 50g