Sales Terms & Conditions


Contact your sales representative: Clicking on the CONTACT menu item will enable you to browse and select from our sales representatives by specific state and area. Information on our sales representatives contains the address of his or her registered office, a telephone or fax contact and also an Internet and e-mail address, if applicable. Please, contact our sales representatives by location priority. Each of our sales representatives is highly qualified and well trained while at the same time having access to adequate service support, product and spare parts warehouse and is able to satisfy any requests you might have most promptly. The products sold by our company cannot be purchased "at a distance" (directly from the manufacturer, or through online dealers) without ensuring sufficient service support. Following the purchase of our products it is necessary to ensure their qualified, professional installation, regular service checks within the warranty period and also permanent service support throughout the operating life of the products. If you fail to get in touch with our sales representatives or you do not find an appropriate sales representative in your area, please, contact directly our sales or service department.

Build your own original with the help of our configurator: To get an initial idea of the design and price of our products, use the configurator available directly on our website to put together a specific design to your liking. This specification can be afterwards electronically transmitted directly to our company. Consequently, you will be contacted by our sales representative or by other responsible officer ready to answer any questions you might have with additional recommendations.

Contact the manufacturer directly: To answer any questions, suggestions, and queries you might have, please contact our responsible colleagues directly at our address or via phone or e-mail.

Write to us: We will gladly answer any queries, questions and suggestions, please, do not hesitate to contact us:

CHIRANA Medical, a.s.

Nám. Dr. A. Schweitzera 194, P.O.Box 57
SK-916 01 Stará Turá
IČO: 36322300, IČ DPH: SK2020181306

Mobil: +421 918 714 000


CHIRANA Medical, Inc. and CHIRANA, Ltd. as manufacturers guarantee that the products they sell comply with the standards, technical parameters and conditions for use of the products, in accordance with the requirements stated in the contract signed with the customer and with the terms in accompanying technical documentation both as regards their quality and execution.



The warranty period of 24 months from the date of sale to the final customer is set for the following products of the company: CHIRANA Medical, Inc. and CHIRANA, Ltd.:Dental units Chirana CHEESE and SMILE

  • Dental chairs Chirana SK
  • Dental stool SMILE
  • Anaesthesia units VENAR
  • Breathing units CHIRANA AURA, Chirolog SV
  • Patient monitors CHIRANA Icard

The warranty applies to:

  • the quality and completeness of the supplied product

  • defects arisen during the warranty period due to a provable fault of the manufacturer or of the technological procedure and the completeness of the supplied product.

  • to the product, with the exception of the components of consumer nature and components that have separate warranties.


Warranty does not apply to:

  • the parts, related to waterways, airways for which a guarantee of 12 months from the date of sale to the final customer is set for dental technology.

  • mechanical damage to the/ covers.../

  • the upholstered parts, for which there is a warranty of 12 months set from the date of sale to the final customer.



The warranty period of 12 months from the date of sale to the final customer is set for the following products of the company CHIRANA Medical, Inc.:

  • Micromotors

  • Handpieces (straight and contra angles, heads)

  • Turbines except „656 Easy“ series

  • Pneumatic dental scalers


During the warranty period the manufacturer will fix all the defects, provided that the product has been used according to the instructions manual in a manner corresponding to its role and mission. The warranty does not cover the defects caused by wear and tear.



Дистрибьютор может предоставить на продаваемое изделие в рамках своей собственной коммерческой политики и за свой счет больший объем гарантий, чем указано выше. В таком случае все права и обязанности, вытекающие из предоставляемой гарантии больше объема гарантии, предоставляемого производителем, являются предметом договорного соотношения между продавцом и заказчиком. Производитель не несет за эти коммерческие соглашения между продавцом и заказчиком никакой ответственности.
Гарантийный и послегарантийный ремонт может проводить юридическое или физическое лицо, обученное производителем и имеющее удостоверение для проведения такого рода работ. Конкретный перечень пунктов по которым осуществляется ремонтное и сервисное обслуживание предоставляет продавец.
О проведении гарантийного и послегарантийного ремонта вносится отметка в Рабочий журнал, который входит в состав сопроводительной документации аппарата.
Лицо, которое проводило установку изделия у заказчика, обязано заполнить Возвратный лист для производителя, в котором, кроме данных изделия, необходимо указать, кто и когда установку изделия проводил, и также данные заказчика. Анкета возвратной карты входит в состав сопроводительной технической документации каждого изделия, причем продавец изделия обязан эту карту отправить в адрес производителя не позднее 14 дней после проведения установки.



In the case of a claim, you have to send the properly packaged and sterilized product to the manufacturer along including the claims protocol that must consist, in particular:

  • the name of the product

  • the serial number of the product

  • the place where the product is used (country, region, city, name of the organization-user)

  • the date of sale

  • the description of the claimed defect

  • the original of properly filled in and certified warranty

  • confirmation of sterilization - disinfection of the part (of the product, which will be returned in case of claim)


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