Chirana, a.s. and ALJABAL ELFEDDI new partnership


In the month of May, the company Chirana, a.s. entered into a partnership with the leading supplier of medical equipment in Libya, ALJABAL ELFEDDI Co. This partnership of Chirana, a.s. opens a new market on the African continent, which will offer patients in the Libyan region access to the most modern products in the field of respiratory and anesthetic technology.

ALJABAL ELFEDDI Co took part in the MENA MEDICAL EXPO in Benghazi on 20-23 May 2024, where also on behalf of Chirana, a.s. presented the breathing apparatus AURA and the anesthesia apparatus VENAR. The visitors of this exhibition had the opportunity to see Chirana's latest innovations and learn more about how Chirana products can improve patient care.

The company ALJABAL ELFEDDI Co also welcomed the Minister of Health of Libya, Mr. Othman Abduljelil, to whom the production program of the company Chirana, a.s. was presented. The experts and specialists from Libya were very interested in the 4LV mode of lung ventilation with AURA V breathing unit and also other unique parameters of Chirana products. We are looking forward to long-term partnership and future perspective cooperation in Libia ant other countries of Africa.