Company history

The companies CHIRANA Medical and CHIRANA Stará Turá together form the group of companies CHIRANA Holding Stara Tura. The CHIRANA Holding was established as a project of preserving and further development and production of medical and dental devices CHIRANA in Stará Turá.

The CHIRANA Holding has continued the tradition of R&D, production and sales of dental, medical & intensive care products and precise machinery production, which started in 1935. A basic overview of milestones and the history of the formation of the tradition of engineering production as well as the development of the CHIRANA brand in our company is shown on the following timeline.


foundations of machinery production in Stará Turá by Czech engineer Frantisek Michera on 20th of November 1935. Mr. Frantisek Michera successfully realized his intention to build new production plant in Stará Turá focused on production of water meters and later gas meters. From 1935, the tradition of precision engineering began to develop in Stará Turá

Prvý firemný názov


the history of medical production star-ted to write in Slovakia, when the production of syringes and injection technic was delimitated to Stara Tura production plant from liquidated plant Injecta Kraslice in Czech republic. The product range had been continuously extended to wide spectrum of products such as sterilization units, inhalation units and diagnostic technique, surgical instruments and other medical products


under the former name “Presna mechanika - PREMA Stara Tura”, the plant achieved one of the first international successes at the world exhibition EXPO in Brussels, where two products of company were awarded by the the Grand Prix prize. The first was a world innovation – the big bronchoscopic set produced in Stará Turá. Second one awarded product of the company was the clinical defibrillator 10H24, which was later used by prof. Christian Neethling Barnard at the world's first heart transplantation in Cape Town on December 3rd, 1967.




the launching of the product "Extracorporeal circulation of blood - artificial heart" represented very significant progress for the company Presna mechanika, Stara Tura (PREMA). This product was first of its kind on the market of then CMEA countries.

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boom in the production of Presna mechanika, Stara Tura plant and also partial delimitation of the production from Chirana Prague factory led the superior ministry to decision to merge all of medical devices production entities in a one big production and economic unit. Presna mechanika in Stara Tura (PREMA) became leading national production plant with associated national plants Chirana Prague and Chirana Brno.


finally the brand “CHIRANA” came to Slovakia, when from 1.1.1965 all producers of medical devices in Czechoslovakia were integrated into one legal entity named “CHIRANA ZZT, union company Stara Tura”, all in accordance with government statutory order No.132/65. CHIRANA Stara Tura became leading union company for seven basic subordinate manufacturing plants in whole Czechoslovakia. 


in 3rd quarter of 1967 was made in Stará Turá first production series of dental units under the trademark CHIRADENT. Together with lines ERGOSTAR, PRAKTIK, SMILE and CHIRANA CHEESE have been produced in Stara Tura more than 125.000 pieces of dental units under the trademark CHIRANA for its 45-years old history in Stara Tura.


dynamic growth was reached also in area of breathing and anaesthesia devices, where were introduced to the market devices for inhalation anaesthesia (N5, N6 also known as Vatra, Anestar N7, Anemat N8, MTL2...), devices for artificial ventilation of lungs (series Chirolog, ODA-E, or civil version of EDAM...) and devices for functional diagnostics of lungs (Chiraspir and electronic version Chiradat). There is no doubt that all of these devices coud be labelled as one of the most reliable healthcare units in the world. There were produced almost 75.000 anaesthesia and breathing units in total under the CHIRANA trademark in Stara Tura till end of 2012. At the same time also electronics department achieved considerable progress and successfully launched products as of defibrillators (BPD line), electrocardiographs (Chirastar) and other electronic products.


production portfolio exteded into the new field of dental equipment – dental instruments due to a huge investment into new technologies. This production started initialy on the basis of licence production with German company KaVo in 1988 and later was replaced by Chirana own product lines.


Chirana Stara Tura had been continuously expanding until 1991 and Chirana trademark had become famous all around the world. The company was transformed from state-owned enterprise to incorporated company in 1991. The company was atomized to couple of divisions and separate business units. Manufacturing plants and operations outside Stará Turá in most cases became independent and realized their own privatization projects (especially plants Chirana in Brno, Prague, Nove Mesto in Moravia and Piestany). Chirana Stara Tura had lost control over dental chair as strategic component for its dental units which were produced till then in Piestany. From that reason the company was forced to extend its production porfolio to area of dental chairs. The production of dental chairs started very quickly in 1991. At the beginning they were produced on the basis of licence agreement with Finnish manufacturer FIMET, but later Chirana Stara Tura developed and launched own dental chair.


  • M.O.C. company founded by management of Chirana Medical as employee company and forming of M.O.C. Group Stará Turá has begun

  • Business plan of restructuring is coming to reality supported by Citibank funds

  • M.O.C. company became the owner all of real property (10.032 m2) related to medical devices production in 8/2001 (the hall of medical electronics and building of dental and medical devices production)

  • All investments are exclusively focused on development of new products following main strategic goal of complex renewal of whole production portfolio. Group launched new SMILE range of dental units

  • Former production line was ended (8/2001 the last piece of legendary dental unit “Ergostar” was made and sold). CHIRANA Medical company produces only the new rage of dental units SMILE

  • Main portion of income (90%) comes from sale of dental units and instruments

  • M.O.C. finalized acquiring of former Chirana Medical operation related to production plant of medical and dental devices Chirana (all technology, machineries, including intangible assets and know-how expect trade-marks, 100% of shares of company CHIRANA Medical Inc.) in 11/2001

  • The consolidated Group sale is 10,8 mil.€ at the end of the year and total amount of Group’s assets is 8,1 mil.€ by dept ratio 95,8%

The founders of M.O.C. company Stara Tura

Ing.Peter Sivák

Ing.Oskar Baranovič

Ing.Petr Matoulek

Ing.Ján Brkal


  • M.O.C. becomes exclusive owner of the international and national trademarks CHIRANA™ and finally concludes more than year going process of privatization of medical and dental devices production plant Chirana Stara Tura

  • New implemented logistic system saved 6.000 m2 of production space which were effectively used for rental to the other companies

  • The companies associated in the M.O.C. Group stabilized into current structure, covered by parent company M.O.C. with its daughter production companies CHIRANA Medical, CHIRANA, Chiranalab and Chiragal

  • Group sales rise to 12,8 mil. €


Certificates of Chirana trademark registration


  • New line of anaesthesia workstation VENAR was launched

  • M.O.C. group took legal actions against illegal use of CHIRANA ™ trademark

  • The main portion of Group’s investment is flowing to complex reconstruction and renewal all of tangible assets and infrastructures

  • New breathing unit Chirolog SV α + c was introduced to the market


  • Company increases the amount of investmens to level 2,0 mil.€ annualy with priority to investments into new technologies

  • Group achieves peak in consolidated sales over 21,0 mil.€ at the end of 2008

  • Sales of anaesthesia and breathing units has doubled


  • Group invested into strategic real properties in industrial zone Chirana Stara Tura in area of 66.993m 2 and became dominant owner of real property in this industrial zone

  • The amount of investments in 2009 exceeded 3,0 mil.EUR which is historically the highest amount of money invested in one year into tangible assets

  • Despite of crisis in external environment, Group launches to the market new products in every segment of its product portfolio at that – new generation of dental units Chirana CHEESE, breathing devices line Chirana AURA, unique anaesthetic device VENAR Xenon, new generation of dental instruments Chirana MUSIC

  • Implementation of complex rationalization project with the focus to increase efficiency of production and minimization of Group´s business risk has been initiated. The strategic orientation and objectives of company are changing from the quantitative (maximization of sales) to the qualitative (maximization of share of value added to revenues)


  • First time in whole history the share of anaesthesia and breathing devices sale exceedes the share of dental units and instruments sale

  • The Group invested through EU project of production technologies innovation in CHIRANA Medical amount of 1,4mil.€ to buy new modern CNC technologies for production of dental instruments and small size accurate mechanical parts

  • In 2012 Group reached historically the most quality financial results from the operational efficiency point of view and the lowest debt ratio. Our plans for 2013 are even more ambitious…


  • The launching of new product concepts in all of our product ranges: new lift dental unit  Chirana CHEESE "Lift", new breathing unit Chirana AURA "V" and new anaesthesia unit VENAR "TS"

  • The Group reached historically the most quality financial structure: debt ratio = 26,7% (as of 31.12.2013)

  • The Group reached historically the most quality status of its liquidity: covering of total liabilities by cash including payments receivables ratio = 142,09% (as of 31.12.2013

  • The Group has finally become the owner of internet domain "" which had been using by our un-fair competitor from Piestany since 1997 up to 2012



  • Winning a dispute over the CHIRANA brand, obtaining and launching a website on the domain encourages the company to reorganize the social structure and from 1.1.2016 the group presents itself as CHIRANA Holding. M.O.C., a.s. in this group loses its merits and becomes the parent company Chirana, a.s. with its subsidiary Chirana Medical, a.s.

  • Celebrating of  80. anniversary of the founding of engineering production in Stará Turá

  • New generation CHIRANA Aura V breathing apparatus and anesthetic Venar TS are launched

  • Started development of compact blue (1: 1) and red (1: 5) handpieces


launch of the new concept of universal dental unit Chirana Cheese UNI (arms supported by chair, intergration of dental unit into patient chair)