Product portfolio

Dental units and chairs

The great success of the SMILE line of dental units is followed by the currently produced new generation of dental units CHIRANA Cheese, which is characterized by modularity and its complexity as well. In addition to our traditional concept of dental units carried by an armchair, there is launched also a new model of a stationary unit that carries an armchair - Lift concept.  Very popular is also our newest model of the universal unit UNI, in which the doctor's table is mounted on a rotating pantographic arm directly behind the chair.

For our dental units, a modular concept is used, which allows the customers to select product features exactly according to their specific requirements from a basic unit, up to the most advanced equipment. Products are not mass produced but manufactured per customer order. Nonetheless, the company is able to meet customer requirements within a very short time.


Cheese „E“ffective, Cheese „L“ift


Dental instruments

In 1989 CHIRANA signed historical license agreement with company KaVo to start production of dental instruments in Stara Tura. Thanks to this licensed production our company started from the beginning using the modern production standards, sophisticated measurement technology (Mitutoyo, Schenck) and especially we started cooperation with leading producers of machinery and technologies like Index, Benzinger, Chiron, Studer, Tornos, Rika, Maier, DMG-Mori, Trumpf, Fehlman, Bumotec etc. The entire production of all dental tool components takes place directly in our factory in Stará Turá with a minimal share of suppliers and outsourcing. 

During the latest years we have been focused on expanding of our product portfolio and continuously improving the hygienic standard, autoclavability and durability of our instruments. Whole design of handpieces is getting more “clean” with minimum of seams which always are the potential source of contamination. Our internal layout of instruments allows the usage of disinfecting automats (Miele) before sterilization process. The special “non-oil” bearing (lubricated for the whole lifetime, used in HF turbines and in brushless micromotors) as well as other used materials are fully autoclavable.

TG 656, TG 656 H, TG 656 HF, TG 656 EASY

TGL 637A, TGL 637A small, TGL 637AH, TGL 637AHF, TGL 656, TGL 656H, TGL 656HF, TGL 656 EASY

Chirana CH660 LED, brushless CH660 Bless

straight handpiece 110D, contra-angle 120, head 168D/T

contra-angle 120L, 120LB, 120LR (1:5)

420 (multiflex LED)

SMIOIL SPRAY-500ml, noozles KN, KM, KT

Anaesthesia and breathing units

Extraordinary parameters make products of anaesthesia and intensive care segment highly competitive. The Group launched world innovation – universal anaesthetic unit for serving of anaesthesia with gas XENON as ideal anaesthetic. The anesthesia with gas Xenon brings very significant advantages for patient because this inert gas doesn’t metabolize into human body what resulted in elimination of any side effects of anaesthesia in compare with currently used conventional anesthetic agents.

The Group product portfolio was successfully complemented by new breathing unit CHIRANA AURA range with big success. The new Chirana AURA model brings a lot of unique and very useful features as optimization and automatization of artificial ventilation of lungs, autoadaptive expiriim and especially unique regime of Multilevel ventilation for patients with difficult non-homogeneous damaged lungs. There have been saved a lot of patiens with COVID-19, “pig” flu (virus H1N1), ARDS, atypical pneumonia, virus pneumonia or other non-homogeneous diseases of lungs by early application of multilevel ventilation all around the world. This unique technology increases the patient's chances of survival by more than 60%.



VENAR Omega, VENAR TS, VENAR Media, VENAR Xenon, VENAR Libera screen

Chirana AURA V, Chirana AURA Basic, Chirolog SV AURA Profi, Chirolog SV AURA Basic

ICARD, ANEMON, EFA, EFA 3 deLUX, modul analyzátora plynov CO2/CO2+O2/AA+CO2+O2