Dental chair SK1-01

Reliability, ergonomics, comfort !

Dental chair SK1-01 is characterized not only by high quality and reliability, but also by a slim and practical design, which significantly saves the space of the dental office. Our customers also like CHIRANA electric standard of low voltage (12/24V) inside dental chair including all actuator motors without any reduction of its power and performance.

Patient comfort and easy accessibility of the doctor and assistant in all working positions is the main priority of the SK1-01 chair.  A wide selection of colors for upholstery is available, while we use the highest quality Ferrari Stamskin upholstery, which, in addition to high quality, also meets the standards of cytotoxicity and has virucidal and antibacterial features.

- 4 working positions programmable
- load capacity up to 200 kg
- safety switches already as standard equipment
- slim and practical design significantly saves the space of the dental office
- all connections (air, water, drain, power supply) for dental unit are located under the chair and are covered, which makes the dental office completely clean (without boxes, hoses, cables lying on the ground)

- option of extra soft upholstery (memory foam) for better patient comfort

- armrest upholstery option for more demanding customers

- Accessories: child seat, protective pad for better hygiene, mounting plate under the chair for installation without drilling into the floor