Chirana CHEESE L

New LIFT concept of stationary dental unit! Very stable and imaginative solution!

The new dental unit CHIRANA CHEESE "L"ift with 5-instruments dentist's table represents the newest concept of dental workplace, which is characterized by a high hygienic standard and stability. For the most demanding clients, the CHEESE L unit can also be ordered with a 6-intruments dentist's table.

The CHEESE L dental unit can be equipped with a modern touch control, which has many useful functions implemented as well as options for setting tools and the dental unit.

The dental unit CHEESE L features a slim, attractive design while maintaining the overall robustness and stability of the whole dental unit. This dental unit can be completed with a comfortable dental chair SK1-08 or with a slimmer chair SK1-01.

Dentist’s table for 5 instruments on a pantographic arm with lower or continental delivery system of hoses (with hanging hoses or with whip’s arms). Control of dental unit is possible using multifunctional foil keyboard or via modern touch panel. Optionally available also dentist's table for 6 instruments.

Standard - power setting /speed setting, instrument light on/off, spray setting, programming of cup filling and bowl rinsing time, lamp on/off, chair control

Safety - STOP function-> immediate stop of the chair, blocking of the simultaneous activation of the instruments, blocking the movements of the chair when the instruments are working, low-voltage power supply in whole unit including chair actuators

Useful - slow speed control of micromotor (from 60 up to 40000 rpm), possibility to set parameters separately for each instrument, function GIROMATIC, chip-blower function, LED ready electronics, optional automatic pneumatic brake of pantograph, very stable and lean & space-saving concept of dental unit

Assistant's table - for 2 or 4 instruments (saliva ejector, suction, syringe, curing lamp, intraoral camera), various selection of arms: single arm, extended swivel arm or pantographic arm

Spittoon block - removable and sterilizable rotating ceramic bowl, optional solutions suitable for eliminating the risk of contamination (COVID-19) as a function of disinfecting hoses of instruments, clean water system from the bottle (independent from public water supply), possibility of wet or dry suction system: DURR, CATTANI, Chirana ejector system

Column of arms - various selection of arms for the lights (extended arm FARO, arm CHIRANA with color cover, arm FARO with TheiaTech technology), the possibility of an arm for a monitor or for a tray table

Foot control - selection from simple to multifunction foot control with setting of unit and chair control, optional wireless version (wireless compatible according to directive 2014/53 / EU)