Chirana Cheese UNI

Universal solution! Variability, ergonomics and reliability!

The dental unit Chirana Cheese UNI is designed for work with lying patient, in position "12". The variability of this technical solution guarantees its versality of use. This unit is designed for right and left handed dentists as well.

You can choose any option according your demands - from a basic qeuipment (patient chair SK1-01 with dentist table) up to full equipped unit including spittoon block and OP light. 

Dental units Chirana Cheese are produced from high-tech quality materials originating in the EU. They provide reliable performance, long life-time and minimal service and maintenance costs all for a very reasonable price.

Dentist’s table for 5 instruments enables universal manipulation for left and right-handed doctors. It is installed on a pantographic arm with lower delivery system of hoses.
Control of dental unit is possible using multifunctional foil keyboard.

Standard - power setting /speed setting, instrument light on/off, spray setting, programming of cup filling and bowl rinsing time, lamp on/off, chair control

Safety - STOP function-> immediate stop of the chair, blocking of the simultaneous activation of the instruments, blocking the movements of the chair when the instruments are working, low-voltage power supply in whole unit and in the chair actuators

Useful - slow speed control of micromotor (from 60 up to 40000 rpm), possibility to set parameters separately for each instrument, function GIROMATIC, chip-blower function, LED ready electronics

Assistant's table - optional assistant's table on a pantographic arm for 2 instruments (saliva ejector, suction)

Spittoon block - optional spittoon block with a removable and sterilizable rotating ceramic bowl, optional solutions suitable for eliminating the risk of contamination (COVID-19) as a function of disinfecting hoses of instruments, clean water system from the bottle (independent from public water supply), optional Sterisil Cartridge for water purification and treatment, possibility of wet or dry suction system: DURR, ejector system Chirana

Column of arms - in case of equipment with a spittoon block, it is possible to add a column of arms for the arm of the lamp, monitor or even a tray table

Foot control - selection from simple to multifunction control with setting of unit and chair control, optional wireless version (wireless compatible according to directive 2014/53 / EU)